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If you are a professional or hobby athlete, it is always a good idea to have you heart examined.

Basic ECG Examination

During the basic examination performed by sport doctor we will examine your stress ECG on an ergometer (resting ECG for kids younger than 12), issue a confirmation about your fitness eligibility, check there is no hidden heart disease and we will discover your maximal heart rate frequency.

In case of interest, stress ECG examination can be extended by a kinesiology analysis.

Our Services

Basic examination (Resting ECG)
Ergometry (Stress ECG)
Kinesiology Analysis

1 500 CZK
2 400 CZK
   600 CZK

Professional Stress Testing

Is your goal to better your sport performance, obtain important inputs into your training or compare yourself with the best? Undergo spiroergometric examination in your laboratory and learn about your aerobic threshold, VO2 max, vital capacity of your lungs and many other information.

Profesional testing includes spiroergometry, resting ECG, stress ECG including measurement of blood pressure, SpO2 and O2 consumption. Part of the testing is examination performed by sport doctor providing detailed anamnesis.

Our Services

Spiroergometry (all-inclusive)

4 000 CZK


We are offering professional nutrition consultancy focused on athletes in a cooperation with Mgr. Jan Taussig.

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Our Services

I want to get to know myself
I take my nutrition seriously
I want a nutrition as a pro

1 600 CZK
3 000 CZK
5 000 - 10 000 CZK

Testing for Sport Clubs

Are you looking for a stress testing for your sport club? 

Get in touch with our colleague Iva Polackova. She will prepare an offering based on your needs and sport requirements.

Iva Polackova
+420 601 383 276

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We do not have a contract with any insurance company, the patients are obliged to pay for our services by themselves.

Your appointment can be canceled 24 hours ahead of the therapy at latest. If not the storno fee as high as 50 % of booked service is charged.

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