Musculoskeletal Treatment

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Complex physiotherapy treatment, orthopaedics and traditional Chinese medicine in one facility.


Top physiotherapists are treating your body with minimum electronic equipment. A direct contact with our patients is key for the successful treatment.

Every patient undergoes the entry examination in the presence of a physiotherapist and a physician if needed and based on that an individual treatment plan is prepared and followed in later sessions.

Our Services

Entry Examination (60 min)
Physiotherapy (60 min)
Physio + acupuncture (60 min)
Lymphatic massage (60 - 90 min)
Physio-yoga (60 min)
Running videoanalysis

1 500 Kč
1 250 Kč
1 250 Kč
1 250 Kč - 1 600 Kč
900 Kč
600 Kč

Focused Shockwave Therapy

Focused shockwave therapy is a physical therapy based on the application of electronic impulses into the tissue which starts autohealing processes, damp inflammation and has an analgesic effect.

The shockwave therapy session is always complemented with a classic physiotherapy.

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Our Services

Focused shockwave therapy (60 min incl. physiotherapy)

1 700 Kč

Acute Injury Treatment

Our clinic is well-known among athletes because it is specialised on the acute injury treatment. Thanks to our care you can increase your changes on fast and successful recovery.

Only for the BSC clients who have underwent the entry examination.

Our Services

Sono-navigated local injection

700 Kč
Based on used treatment substances

Traditional Chinese Medicine

We are using proven methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine to support out traetement processes, always under the physician's supervision.

Used methods of TCM: Acupuncture, herbal treatment or cupping therapy

Our Services

Entry TCM Examination
Herbal treatment

1 300 Kč
800 Kč
Based on the herbal mix


In case of orthopaedic issues, we offer an examination directly on our clinic or we arrange a detailed screening in a hospital.

Close cooperation among orthopaedist, physician and physiotherapists increase the success rate of full recovery.

Our Services

Ortho entry exmaniation
Ortho examination and physio
Ortho examination
Ortho check
Baby hip screening

1 250 Kč
1 400 Kč
750 Kč
500 Kč
700 Kč
We do not have a contract with any insurance company, the patients are obliged to pay for our services by themselves.

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s námi komunikujte pomocí mobilní aplikace Medevio a mějte Vaši zdravotní péči na jednom místě a pod kontrolou.

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We do not have a contract with any insurance company, the patients are obliged to pay for our services by themselves.

Your appointment can be canceled 24 hours ahead of the therapy at latest. If not the storno fee as high as 50 % of booked service is charged.

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Body Solution Clinic, s.r.o.
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